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Q. Is it necessary to use a fireguard with smokeless fuels?
A. As a safety precaution it is always recommended that a fireguard be used with any open fire.  However unlike many traditional fuels Ecoflame does not spit.

Q. Are Ecoflame Wood Briquettes approved for use in smokeless areas?
A. Yes, Ecoflame Wood Briquettes are an approved smokeless fuel in the Republic of Ireland and are therefore environmentally friendly.

Q. Can I add an Ecoflame Wood Briquette to a fire which is already lighting?
A. Yes an Ecoflame Wood Briquette adds great life to an established fire and it is recommended.
Q. Can I use Ecoflame Wood Briquette to light the fire in my enclosed appliance?
A. Yes, Ecoflame Wood Briquettes are approved for use in both open and enclosed appliances.

Q. Am I helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions if I use Ecoflame Wood Briquettes?
A. Yes, by using Ecoflame wood briquettes you are helping the environment by reducing Co2 emission.

Q. Can I use the ash content from Ecoflame as a fertilizer?
A. Yes it is recommended as the ash from Ecoflame has the same elements as    fertilizer.




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