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Ecoflame Ecoblocks are used all over mainland Europe, where the range proves to be very successful for both indoor and outdoor living.  Currently there are no similar products in the Irish market that compares to Ecoflame Ecoblocks.

  • Ecoflame Ecoblock is a secondary source of heat. 

  • It is a log with a paraffin mechanism that creates a fire in seconds. 

  • Produced totally from natural products and dead timber Ecoflame Ecoblock is 100% environmentally friendly and made from renewable resources.  They are colourful and easy to use. 

  • They come in different sizes to suit your occasion whether it’s a small outdoor garden party or large barbeque party. 

  • Ecoblock is suitable for use in a range of fire baskets which creates a nice warm atmosphere. 

  • The big advantage is the outdoor use of these products.


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