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Q. Is the Ecoblock range 100% Environmentally Friendly?
A. Yes, they are Co2 Neutral which makes them 100% friendly, made from dead timber and recycled.

Q. Where outside can I burn Ecoblock?
A. Please burn Ecoblock in a fire proof basket outside away from flammable objects

Q. Can I use Ecoblock to start up a fire?

A. Yes, Ecoblocks can be a great way to start up a fire if you are camping, or even in your fireplace. The flame is instant.

Q. How long does and Ecoblock last for?
A. The smallest in the range lasts up to 30 mins and the largest can last up to 2 hours once lit.

Q. Are Ecoblocks application friendly?
A. Unfortunately, because Ecoblock is a secondary and novelty source of heat it is advised not to burn in a closed appliance.



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