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Biomass is a renewable energy source meaning that it can be replenished from natural resources.

The Ecoflame range is a form of biomass. Biomass can take various forms, such as residues from forestry, wood industry, agriculture; dedicated woody or herbaceous crops; gaseous and liquid bio fuels. 

Biomass is a “renewable” energy resource that is increasingly utilised to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, which are believed to alter radiation balance of the Earth and lead to global climate changes.  Biomass has the advantage that it is CO2 Neutral, if sustain ably produced; and biomass fuels can be stored until when the energy is demanded by the user, therefore meeting both peak and baseline energy demands.

There are many different kinds of biomass fuels - from the traditional fuel wood used for cooking in a very inefficient way, to very sophisticated modern bio fuels which are produced from purposely grown biomass. Industry residues - like saw dust- can also produce biomass fuels. In European countries such as Germany, France and Holland and even here in Ireland Wood Pellets is are becoming more frequently used in both domestic and industry. A demand is arising for wood pellets as a primary fuel for heating homes.

Ecoflame is a true form of biomass as it is produced from condensed sawdust.

By using Ecoflame to heat your home you are reducing the emission of Co2 gas into the atmosphere while still enjoying the comforts of a blazing fire. 

Trees are renewable and therefore can be replaced unlike fossil fuels such as oil and gas therefore biomass has become a main concern for government policy in recent times.

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Cavan, 28 September 2007

Minister Eamon Ryan today announced that he is re-convening the Renewable Energy Development Group.

This Group was originally established in May 2004 but has not met since early 2006. Speaking at the annual conference of the Irish Wind Energy Association taking place in Co. Cavan, Minister Ryan said:"Re-convening this group, under the aegis of my Department will provide a cross-Government, pan-agency and industry response to renewable energy in Ireland . This new re-constituted Group will be central to reaching the target of 33% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

This is an ambitious target and we need all sides pulling together, especially if Ireland is to be the centre of the 'green energy boom' I believe it can be.

The Group will include representatives from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Sustainable Energy Ireland , CER, ESB, the ESRI, ! universities and industry representatives. I will be asking the Group to provide an action-based report within 6 months of its first meeting." Speaking at the conference in Cavan, Minister Ryan also announced that state aid approval for the Renewable Energy Feed In Tariff Scheme (REFIT) has been received from the European Commission.

"I welcome the eventual approval of state aid for this important Scheme. Delays in this area have been unacceptable.

On the one hand, the European Union is setting impressive targets for renewable energy and on the other hand holding back national Governments working to achieve these targets.

We cannot continue with these types of delays and I will be working with the Commission and my European colleagues to ensure that any future support can get much quicker clearance".

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