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Wood Pellet technology is becoming more common in Ireland everyday. Wood Pellets are a convenient fuel and are replacing oil and gas heating appliances domestically. Many houses in Ireland have already made the switch from fossil fuels to wood pellet technology.

Ecoflame Wood Pellets are a cost effective primary source of heat compared to fossil fuels such as gas or oil.  Pellet Stoves have many of the advantages of fossil fuel heating systems but without the associated environmental damage.  Wood pellets can be used to produce heat in a specially designed stove or boiler. In addition, some existing solid fuel and oil boilers can be converted to make use of wood pellets.

Wood pellets are small cylindrical pieces of compressed wood made of natural wood residue such as wood chips and sawdust. These raw materials are shredded and compressed under extremely high pressure.  Ecoflame Wood Pellets are available in 6mm or 8mm and carry the German DIN standard 51371.  Ecoflame Wood Pellets are available in 20kg bags.

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