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Q: What are wood pellets made from?
A: Wood pellets are made of recycled wood waste from saw mills. As an environmentally friendly renewable fuel wood pellets provide clean and efficient energy.

Q: Do wood pellets carry Quality Standards?
A: Quality pellets are essential to ensure trouble free operation of your stove/boiler. Ecoflame Wood Pellets are of the highest quality German DIN standard 51731.

Q: How does the annual cost of Wood Pellets compare with annual cost of Oil and Gas?

A: Wood Pellets currently cost around 1/3 less than oil and gas on an annual basis.

Q: How much wood pellets will I use during an average winter here in Ireland?
A: Depending on how often you use your boiler/stove, but the average is about 3-5 ton per winter.

Q: Do Wood Pellet Stoves/boilers involve High Maintenance and less efficiency than traditional stoves?
A: Some modern pellet stove/boilers can be self cleaning, they are also highly efficient; the latest innovations allow remote control by mobile phone. By simply making a short call on your way home, you can return to a warm house.

Q: Where can I locate a Pellet Boiler/Stove supplier?
A: You can click onto our Wood Pellet Boiler/Stove Supplier page to locate the nearest one to you.

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